This walkthrough will help you if there is no sound coming from speakers when you use software which normally has sound.

1. Double check all connections and cables.

  • if the speakers are built into the system skip this step.
  • ensure that the speakers are on, and receiving power.
  • check that the speakers are plugged into the audio out jack, this jack is usually green and usually has a small image of headphones next to it.
  • make sure that the volume is turned up on the speakers, and is not muted
2. Check Software settings
  • most software has options to change the volume of an application, make sure that is not set to mute.
  • there is also a volume control at the bottom left of the computer (it's very small and looks like a speaker) left clicking on this will bring up volume control options, make sure that isn't set to mute.
3. Playback Devices
  • right click on the volume control at the bottom left and you will get a list of options, one of the options is "Playback devices", click there
  • the box that opens up will list all audio devices, sometimes these devices are codecs and cannot actually play sound, you will want to ensure that the main speaker (the name will give you a hint as to whether it is a speaker or codec) is set as default (has a green checkmark next to it).  if it does not you will want to click on that speaker and then click the button below that that says "set default"
  • right click on the device that is now default, a list will appear, click test.  It should produce a sound.

4. If you still don't have sound please contact your Box Support Technician at 1-800-269-4085