Box Support technicians recommend system restart/shutdown at least once a week for these reasons

1. frees up resources

  • as your computer runs it uses up Memory or RAM, which is used to open programs and allows the computer to run quickly.  RAM is only refreshed when the computer is turned off, so after running the computer for so long (months) there wont be anymore and the computer will have to use much slower methods to run programs.

2. allows for updates
  • Important network and security updates can only be installed during shutdown and restart.  these updates help ensure that the software on the computer is interacting properly and that you are secure from any new threats.

3. solidifies changes
  • many changes made on the computer are not complete until the computer is completely shutdown.

4. fixes a surprising number of issues
  • when the computer turns on from being completely off it has a chance to start fresh for running all of the processes required for it to function properly, and it is quick and easy to do.  So whether it's a blank monitor or a frozen computer turning it off and on again is a good first step