If your web browser is running slowly, has a homepage that you don't want, or isn't opening some pages this walkthrough might help.

- Keep in mind that Box Support technicians recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser, it can be downloaded from this link:      https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/#eula

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. In the top right corner, depending on your version, there will be a cog or a menu that says "Tools", click there.

3. this will open a list of options, near the very bottom will be Internet Options, click there.

4. the Internet Options window has multiple tabs at the top, the tab that should be selected is General

  • below that is a box where you can type.  whatever is in that box is your selected homepage, to change your homepage delete everything in that box and type the page you would like (i.e. www.yahoo.com, www.google.com, www.aol.com)
  • if lots of pages are opening on startup you'll want to make sure the radio button that says "Start with home page" is selected

5. The next tab is security, select it.
  • you will want to ensure that the default level of security is enabled, do this by clicking the button.  if the button is grayed out then you currently have the default level enabled.

6. select the next tab, Privacy.
  • this tab also has a default button, ensure that it is grayed out.  if it isn't grayed out click on it.

7. the next tab we want to make changes too is Connections.
  • near the bottom click the button called "LAN settings", this will pull up a page called Local Area Network Settings
  • in that window the only box that should be checked is the box that says "Automatically detect settings"  ensure that that box is checked and the rest are unchecked.
  • click the Ok button down at the bottom of the window

8. if you are still having problems with the web browser please contact a technician at 1-800-269-4085