If you are having trouble finding your web browser (or any program on the computer).

1. Hit the Windows key (it is on the bottom left of the keyboard, it has a the windows square flag on it)

2. This will either open the start menu (windows xp, vista, and 7) or go to the start screen (windows 8, and 8.1)

3. now begin typing the name of the program you are searching for (ie: internet explorer, word, skype)

  • If you are using xp you will not have a search bar, and will have to click where it says "all programs"
  • notice that it will begin searching as soon as you enter a letter, if you are unsure how to spell the name of the program it is best to stop where you're sure you've spelled it correctly

4. the program you are looking for should appear in the search results, click on it.

5. if you still cannot find the program please contact a Box Support technician at 1-800-269-4085