Notice - Box Support Technicians recommend the use of Google Chrome (or Firefox for windows xp) as the default web browser, generally these are faster and more secure

1. press the windows button (in the bottom left of the keyboard, it has a square flag on it)  this will either open the start menu (windows xp, vista, and 7) or start screen (windows 8, and 8.1)

2. type: "default programs"  without the quotes.

  • if you are using xp default programs will be listed as one of the options in the start menu, click it.

3. click set your default programs

4. this will bring up a list of all of the programs on the computer, scroll through the list until you find Internet Explorer, click on it.

5. options will appear for internet explorer, one of the options will be set this program as default, click that, then select ok in the bottom right corner.

Now any internet links or shortcuts you open will open in internet explorer.