If you are having trouble accessing the email the first step is checking that there is a network connection.

1. Try Opening a Web browser (ie: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari)

  • If you get an error saying the webpage could not be displayed it is likely that you are not connected to a network, at that point it is recommended that you contact your Internet Service Provider (the people who you pay so that you have internet, ie: Comcast, Timewarner, Centurylink, Hughesnet)

2. If you are able to load webpages navigate to the email login page, this can be accomplished by typing the end portion of the email(ie: yahoo.com, gmail.com, aol.com) into the address bar (the address bar usually starts with this information "http://www." and then the website)

3. when you get to the page requesting for a username and password enter them in (the username is your email address)
    • If you get an error saying the username or password is incorrect, double check each.
    • if you still get that error look for some small blue lettering that has to do with password recovery (ie: forgot password, need help, i don't remember my password)
4. Go through the steps provided by the email provider to recover the email, this will most likely consist of answering security questions, or having them send a code to a phone or recovery email.

5. If after going through these steps you still cannot access the email please contact a technician at 1-800-269-4085