You have all heard the adage "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is".  

Generally it is smart to not fall for online advertisements which offer free things. Often times, these types of offers are "fronts" for websites which try to install software on your computer without your knowledge. The software may contain PUP's (potentially unwanted programs), malware or even viruses, which can damage your data, track your online habits (often for marketing use), or possibly access to your personal information on your computer. 

Please be aware that unwanted software can be hidden in the ads you look at, or embedded in emails.  Be wary of emails from people you don't know, or ones offering free items.  Make sure any ads are from reputable companies.  Activate your Pop-up blocker software, or call Box Support to do it for you.

Remember ... the key to recognizing a potentially damaging ad is the word “FREE!